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Advancing Arizona since 2016

Beginning as the idea called “Project Athena” forming certification study groups under our Meetup page and now formalized as the non-profit Cybersecurity Council of Arizona.

We are an organization built by women for everyone. We are driven to build an inclusive InfoSec community of professionals of all kinds. We are an active, working board of professionals advised by some of the Valley’s most senior cybersecurity professionals.

Cybersecurity Council of Arizona is on a mission to empower the local community by integrating a diverse population into the cybersecurity workforce through education, training, and opportunities to create dynamic and talented InfoSec professionals.

Our board has identified 4 projects to serve our community:

  • Partner with employers to build road maps to employment to facilitate the creation of more talented professionals. 

  • Up-skilling Curriculum - specific to Arizona employers.

  • Up-skilling Center - a tech lab focused on cybersecurity.

  • Certification Study Groups & Sponsorships for adult learners.

There are many ways to contribute, we encourage you to reach out to us today.

Why Cybersecurity? & Why Diversity?

The cybersecurity field is in high demand. In a 2016 survey, CSX ISACA predicted a global shortage of 2 Million cybersecurity professionals by 2019. In today’s talent landscape, Arizona has a higher demand for talent than the national average according to

With such high demand in a short timeline, our current workforce training solutions are not able to keep up with the increasing need for skilled workers. Even more so, employers need talent that is ready to work with hands-on, real-world training and they need this talent in months rather than years. Additionally, there are far too many jobs currently going unfilled for this to be solved by only a portion of the population.

If we seek, as a nation, to be the best in the world for cybersecurity then it is imperative that we seek out the best talent regardless of individual identity. Plus diverse identities benefit companies’ bottom lines, as discovered in several studies by McKinsey and other research firms. Diversity of thought is imperative in cybersecurity. Defense must cover all vulnerabilities while offense only needs to make one shot. A strong team will consider defense from a wide variety of perspectives.

Check out this short video about careers in cybersecurity. To learn more, watch the full mini documentary here.


Join us.

We are looking for you. Whether you are looking to make the move into a rewarding cybersecurity career or want to give your time or resources to the cause, we need you.

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